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gsnoopy520 :: 09.03.2018 05:10:58

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WASHINGTON puma creepers bordeaux australia , Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Republican lawmakers on Friday held a ceremony celebrating Congress's passage of the Keystone XL pipeline legislation, urging President Barack Obama to sign it into law despite the repeated veto threat from the White House.


U.S. House Speaker John Boehner formally signed the legislation at a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol, surrounded by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP lawmakers, in a bid to put pressure on Obama to approve construction of the controversial pipeline that would bring Canada's oil sands to refineries in the United States.


"This really is pretty simple. The Keystone XL pipeline is a good idea for our economy, and it's a good idea for our country," Boehner said. "To the president, I would just say this: Do the right thing , sign this bill and help us create more jobs in America and create a healthier economy."


Republican leaders have made Keystone as their first legislative priority after they took control of both Houses of Congress in January. "The new majority is getting Congress back to work for the American people. Passing a bipartisan jobs and infrastructure bill like Keystone represents another step along that path," McConnell said at the ceremony.


The House of Representatives on Wednesday gave final congressional approval to the Keystone XL pipeline legislation, which passed in the Senate last month, setting up a confrontation with the president.


The White House has repeatedly said Obama will veto the legislation, arguing that Congress should not circumvent the State Department's ongoing review process of the pipeline.


"The president has announced that he would oppose and veto any legislative maneuvering to circumvent that process. So he will indeed be vetoing it," White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz told reporters Thursday.


The legislation will not be sent to the White House until after next week's President's Day recess, according to the Hill puma creepers rihanna australia , a top U. S. political website. Such a move would prevent Obama from vetoing it while lawmakers are away from Washington.


Obama will have 10 days, excluding Sundays, to sign or veto the legislation after he receives it, the Hill reported. Analysts say the Republican-led Congress is not likely to garner the two-thirds majority vote needed to override a presidential veto.


The 8-billion-U.S. dollar Keystone XL project is proposed to go from Canada through the U.S. State of Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines to carry more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day to refineries along the U.S. Gulf Coast.


The project has been delayed for years as critics say it could worsen climate change by enabling further growth from the oil sands, which create higher greenhouse gas emissions than some other forms of production. But Republicans insist that it will create jobs and enhance U.S. energy security.


Obama has not said whether he will grant a permission to build the Keystone XL pipeline puma creepers australia , but has downplayed the economic benefits of the project in recent months.


"It's very good for Canadian oil companies, and it's good for the Canadian oil industry, but it's not going to be a huge benefit to U.S. consumers," Obama said at a press conference in December.


FUZHOUSHANGHAI, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- The size of luggage carried by Chinese migrant workers returning home for the Spring Festival is often the reverse of their purchasing power; the bigger the bag, the less money spent.


As legions of migrant workers embark on their journey home ahead of the lunar new year, they're often seen carrying suitcases vans classic slip on australia , canvas bags and buckets stuffed with gifts for their rural families.


While older workers tend to pack bulky snacks from the city and winter clothes, younger workers are often seen carrying lighter bags as they prefer digital gadgets as new year gifts.


Shi Jiawen, 19, marked his first year as a decorator in Fuzhou, capital of coastal Fujian Province, by splurging 3,200 yuan (486 U.S. dollars) vans slip on australia , more than his monthly income, on a smart phone for himself and a tablet computer for his sister in their hometown in land-locked Sichuan Province.


Shi was among 12 of 20 young workers Xinhua interviewed at the Fuzhou railway station who said they had purchased digital devices, mostly smart phones, for the coming holiday.


"The price of electronics is not so expensive," Shi said, adding that expanding Internet connection in the countryside has made the use of the devices "more convenient."


His father, though making more money vans sk8 mid australia , is more a paragon of tradition and thrift, spending just 500 yuan to buy local tea as a new year gift.


It is common to see mid-age travellers struggling with bulky luggage at the station.


Li Rongcai, a 47-year-old construction worker from Jiangxi Province, had both his hands occupied by bags of tea and cigarettes, worth 1,000 yuan in total.


Li Lan, 40 vans sk8 hi slim australia , a nanny from Hunan Province, packed two large suitcases with winter clothes for her family of six after spending 2,000 yuan.


Several aisles away, four 18-year-old hair salon apprentices were playing with their newly-purchased iPhones, priced at least 4,400 yuan each, alongside their carry-on bags.


On a west-bound train departing from Shanghai vans sk8 hi australia , many migrant workers said they carried less luggage as they preferred to shop more in their rural hometown.


"Fancy goods that you can get in big cities are also available back home at reasonable prices, so why exhaust yourself dragging them all the way home?" said 22-year-old factory worker Xiao Pengyuan from Sichuan Province, whose only luggage was a backpack.


Despite a slowing economy, China's retail sales of consumer goods, a key indicator of consumption, rose 10.7 percent year on year last year.


Xinhua interviewed more than 40 travelling workers who offered a mixed picture: While some complained. Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys

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