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Briefly understand the use of ice packs

Ice pack we are no strangers, the main ingredient in the ice bag is ice, and what is the use of ice bags? This is probably not so comprehensive understanding of the. Ice bag is a novel frozen medium, the thawing and melting without water pollution, can be used repeatedly, hot and cold use. The use of ice packs: ice pack is an alternative to the upgrading of ice products, this performance is undoubtedly an innovation. There are more applicability, its easy to use, health, widely used.

1, cooling ice bag is a high-tech products, can be reused, hot and cold dual-use.

2, for medical cooling fever, anti-inflammatory pain, cold hemostasis, physical therapy skin care, cold and heat treatment bag.

3, refrigerated transport of various biological refrigeration reagents, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh food long-distance refrigerated transport.

4, for sports athletes training and competition outside the process of bruises, sprains, falls and other use.

5. cold: physical cooling, fever, anti-inflammatory pain, eliminate fatigue, itching, quickly eliminate due to fever, headache, toothache, sprain, back pain, Mumps, heat stroke and other discomfort or pain; also applies to students to learn , test cooling when the heat, refreshing refreshing.

6. Hot: hot winter warm hands, warm stomach, warm waist and so on. Food, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade freshness, cold storage and transportation of various kinds of biological frozen reagents, Paste, poultry medicine, medicine, plasma, vaccine, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade preservation Long-distance refrigerated food transport.

8. cake, moon cake ice bag: There are many ice cream cake market, ice skin moon cake, the ice bag and cake, moon cake together, so that the cake, moon cake will not deteriorate because of the temperature.

9. Through the microwave heating and quick-frozen refrigerator, to the human body that can heat and cold pure physical health effects. Hot summer heat, warm stomach, warm waist, adjuvant treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and physically weak stomach cold; summer cold shed swelling of the brain, high fever physical cooling, reduce pain, with ice packs and other insulation containers Can be food lunch fresh, breast milk preservation, iced drinks and so on.

10. can be long-term preservation, repeated use, comfortable and convenient, is a modern family, new mothers, hospitals, homes for the elderly, sports and travel necessities essential supplies

From the above we can see, in fact, the role of ice bags is very broad, in addition to preserving a variety of food, it can also have the effect of physical cooling, etc., of course, we need to say that ice bags can be reused, but if the ice bag has been contaminated Or contact with toxic and harmful items, then do not re-use.

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Posted by: GelKing 19.11.2020 12:27:30

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