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A weight scale that can be used in the bathroom

The weather is getting colder and I shake my legs every day. The friends who have been raised with autumn fat have started a new wave of weight loss fever. Everyone has begun to make vows to starve to death if you lose ten pounds~

If you want to lose weight, you must be on the scale, which is the key to successful weight loss.

Although we all know that the morning is the most suitable for weighing, but lazy cancer patients who can't even get up in bed can only weigh their "naked weight" every night after taking a warm hot bath. Obviously place one in the bathroom. A waterproof weight scale has become particularly important.

The "little secret" in the bathroom starts with an accurate waterproof scale, a weight scale that can be used in the bathroom.

Then, can I lose weight by taking a bath?

Of course.

The human body will sweat when bathing in hot water, which can not only wash away the dirt on the cortex, but also the residual waste and excess water accumulated in the body will be discharged with the sweat. On the one hand, it can eliminate swelling, on the other hand, it can also promote Metabolism helps the body develop a physique easy to lose weight. Of course, taking a cold shower will not lose weight, and people who are not suitable for cold showers will also hurt their bodies.

The temperature of the bath water is set at around 38 to 40 degrees. In order to lose weight, it is best to take a bath with alternating hot and cold water. First take a bath with 40 degrees hot water, wash until the body sweats, then dry the body, then take a bath with 35 degrees warm water, wait for the body to adapt to the water temperature, then change Washing with hot water, washing 4 to 5 times in this way can make blood vessels expand and contract continuously, increase blood circulation, and help lose weight.

From this point of view, for people who lose weight, each weighing after bathing can bring a bit of motivation to everyone who insists on losing weight. If you often get used to weighing after bathing, you will also get full confidence.

If you also want a mechanical bathroom scale, please contact us.

Posted by: zhengtai 21.10.2020 06:53:23

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