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Introduce three binding methods and their characteristics

The binding machine is a binding device that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples, hot melt glue, nylon tube and other materials by mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic). According to different uses, it can be divided into industrial binding machines and civilian binding machines, which are often used in printing factories, financial offices of enterprises and institutions, and file management.

Binding type:

1. Hot melt glue binding type

The hot melt binding machine has the following advantages: simple operation, fast speed, low cost of consumables, exquisite style, etc. It is a non-detachable type, suitable for small and medium-sized printing centers, small and medium-sized office document binding, and accounting firms, auditing firms and other units. When using a hot-melt binding machine to bind, the documents must be neatly arranged before they can be placed in the envelope, otherwise the bound documents will be uneven; after the envelope is heated, you need to fix the hot glue slightly by hand, so that the bound text is neat Tangible; Do not turn the text immediately after heating, which may cause loose pages. Turn the text after the adhesive strip has cooled and solidified.

2. Comb type apron binding type

Comb-type apron binding machine Comb-type binding machine is the lowest cost of all binding machines. It is simple, easy to disassemble, and can be used repeatedly for binding. It is more suitable for binding small office or general meeting documents, and small Wen Yinshe.

A binding machine has two binding methods, which is also a major feature of it. Comb binding is a loose-leaf type, which is convenient for adding and deleting pages. It can realize 360-degree reversal of the text. The diameter of the apron determines the thickness of the text binding. Due to the size and color of the apron and the color of the cover, this binding method has a large choice Therefore, the effects of matching are also very different, and the bound products are beautiful and unique in style.

3. Iron ring binding machine

The iron ring binding machine is generally divided into 2:1 (21 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes). Among them, the binding effect of the 3:1 iron ring binding machine is more exquisite, suitable for binding thinner text, suitable for general design institutes, planning bureaus or small and medium-sized printing centers; and 2:1 type is suitable for binding thicker documents.

For more information, please click here: paper binding machine.

Posted by: diginbronghua 27.10.2020 06:14:29

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