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What are the characteristics of jacquard fabric?

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co.,
Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the
research, development, production and
trade of Oxford cloth and apparel fabrics.

Posted by: zdfabric 15.12.2020 05:43:28

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The label market may lead the steady growth of global GDP

Based on the globalization and Internet-
based market environment, the complicated
economic structure will gradually be
simplified, and the future economic
development situation will become more and
more bright.

Posted by: diginbronghua 15.12.2020 05:30:08

16 0

Precautions For Rivet Fasteners Thread Production

The thread production of rivet fasteners
and striped rivet nuts usually uses
cutting, turning, milling, grinding, and
other processes.

Posted by: hainingkhfastener 14.12.2020 10:01:18

44 0

Duplex stainless steel pipe plays an important role in many industries

Huzhou Nanxun Yintuo Special Material
Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the
development and production of high-quality
duplex stainless steel pipe, nickel-nickel
alloy and seamless pipe for sale.

Posted by: YinTuo 14.12.2020 06:46:52

54 0

How does stainless steel gain the ability to resist rust?

It seems that Christmas time is here
once again, and it is time again to
bring in the New Year. We wish the
merriest of Christmas to you and your
loved ones, and we wish you happiness
and prosperity in the year ahead.Huzhou
Nanxun Yintuo Special Material
Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the
development and production of high-
quality stainless steel seamless pipe
and nickel-nickel alloys.

Posted by: YinTuo 14.12.2020 05:01:49

56 0

Brief Introduction Of Cargo Tie Down

This kind of binding belt usually uses
nylon webbing or polyester braided belt
to bind and fasten goods, compared with
steel wire, brown rope and hemp rope.

Posted by: NingboBaoying 11.12.2020 10:00:05

100 0

Why Hospital Curtain Fabric Is Liked By Hospitals

First, environmental protection. The
special treatment of hospital partition

curtain fabric is dustproof and

antibacterial. Hospital dust and

bacteria are a serious threat to

patients, and medical partition curtains

solve this problem well.

Posted by: qiansi fang 11.12.2020 05:31:40

122 0

Introduction of FFP2 category masks

FFP2 masks refer to masks that meet the
European (CEEN149:2001) standards.

Posted by: GelKing 10.12.2020 10:37:30

108 0

What Is Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fabric?

Cationic fabrics are increasingly
appearing on our clothes, flannel
cationic jacquard fabric is also
cationic fabric.

Posted by: ChangshuDongfang 10.12.2020 09:15:47

79 0

Industry of PU safety gloves

Pu safety gloves are a kind of special
purification and protection products
widely used in dust-free workshops of
electronics, semiconductor and
photovoltaic industries.

Posted by: nbglove 10.12.2020 06:08:16

62 0

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