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Introduction to PVC coated fabrics

In recent years, there has been more and
more use of new special fabrics on the
show, especially the use of pvc coated
fabric. But many people may not know
what PVC coated fabric is. Some people
think that PVC coated fabric is plastic
because of its transparent texture and
plastic-like feel.

Posted by: zdfabric 23.10.2020 04:19:32

61 0

Was drückt Aiwa aus?

Sexpuppen hängen normalerweise mit der
Einsamkeit aller zusammen, aber
tatsächlich werden sie oft von Paaren,
behinderten Erwachsenen und sozial
isolierten erwachsenen Kindern unter
den Eltern gekauft, insbesondere in den
letzten Jahren.

Posted by: kobedoll 22.10.2020 14:48:05

61 0

Laser engraving machine

にとって重要な決定です。 この洗練されたテ

Posted by: fukuyamamidori 22.10.2020 05:28:07

45 0

A weight scale that can be used in the bathroom

The weather is getting colder and I shake
my legs every day. The friends who have
been raised with autumn fat have started a
new wave of weight loss fever.

Posted by: zhengtai 21.10.2020 06:53:23

57 0

Product appearance of cooler cart

Cixi Xinshidai released a new cooler cart,
let’s watch together:

Posted by: cxxsd 20.10.2020 09:37:39

49 0

Flat Embroidery Machine for Sale

Speaking of embroidery machines, everyone
is familiar with it. Today, I will
introduce the flat embroidery machine of
Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Posted by: zhiyu 20.10.2020 06:42:56

46 0

The cost of coating film production is low and easy to use

1. The paper can be protected by using the
instant coating film as the cover.

Posted by: diginbronghua 20.10.2020 05:15:36

42 0

Enjoying life is actually very simple

Removable furniture and products not only
save space, but are also very portable.

Posted by: pthhouse 19.10.2020 06:31:27

49 0

Intelligent body fat scale decodes body code with high precision

Xiangshan Zhengtai used full-depth
tomography MRI technology and invested
tens of millions of dollars.

Posted by: zhengtai 14.10.2020 06:02:09

88 0



Posted by: cxxsd 13.10.2020 09:58:57

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