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CZ Jena 80mm f2.8 - Lens Mount?

Wes Lackemacher :: 26.10.2019 03:00:09

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)

Picked this lens up recently for a great deal. No history but I was able to match it up as a medium format from an Exakta 66 camera. 

I want to adapt this to my Nikon Z7 as I've done with many other lenses. Everything I read says Exakta 66 is the same as Pentacon 6, but the P6 adapter doesnt fit. It's close in size but the holes dont line up and the lens is slightly wider.  

Anyone have any idea what mount adapter is needed? Also, can the inner mount be used/ what is that mount? The lower flange removes easily. Assuming this was so they sould make the same lens fit different models easily. 

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