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How Wifi Jammers Work?

jammershopers :: 14.09.2022 06:07:23

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wifi jammer is a machine that can interfere with a wireless network. When activated, it will signal as much as possible at the target frequency by sending out a lot of white noise. Due to this interference, the wireless network may be interrupted. Any smartphone connected to the target wireless network can no longer access the internet.
You can imagine your friends talking to you at a concert or rock music event. Your brain has a hard time decoding your friend's voice. This happens to your smartphone and wifi router when a wifi blockers are working nearby. Music on stage plays a role much like a white noise signal. They are very loud and powerful. That's why they can cover the communication between you and your friends. The signal from the wifi signal jammer is the same. It has high power and strength so it will cover the wifi network.
This example is a good explanation of how wifi jammers work.
2.4GHz and 5GHz?
These are the two frequencies that wifi networks are using today. Nothing complicated here:
2.4GHz: Larger coverage but lower speed.
5GHz: High speed but smaller footprint
Most of our customers probably don't know what frequency their wireless network operates on. It's easy too. You can go into the wifi settings section on your phone, search for all the wifi networks around you and see the wifi names. You'll most likely see something like: 2.4, 5.0, 2.4G, or 5G at the end of its name. That's how often they work.
When buying a wifi jammer device, it is important to know the frequency of your wifi. If you choose to only support a jammer that blocks 2.4GHz, you can't use it to jam 5GHz wifi. But the good news is that some of our wifi jammers can block both frequencies at the same time. You really can't be wrong.
Why Choose a Wifi Jammer?
In today's society, we are facing digital crime, privacy security and data breaches are more and more serious, we even live under surveillance. We have the right to take steps to protect our legitimate rights and privacy. Of course, this must not harm the interests of others.
Some parents use wireless wifi bluetooth jammer simply because they want to force their kids to stay away from the internet when they're not home. Some surveillance cameras rely on Wi-Fi for recording, so you can use a wifi jammer to block the camera.
You can use a wifi frequency jammer for a number of reasons. Just remember not to overuse it. And don't use it for any inappropriate purpose.
> Here you can find your own jammer

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