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Carl Zeiss Jena 35-70 Jenazoom II MC Macro Lens - Canon FD Mount

antani_stefano :: 17.08.2014 03:40:10

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)


Recently I purchase on internet the lens in the title one old Carl Zeiss Jena 35-70 Jenazoom II MC Macro Lens ø52 - with Canon FD Mount. Nobody here can help me to find the manual? all languages will be ok but the only that I understand are Italian and English.
I try the lens on my Canon AE-1 Program but the aperture ring don't close and open the diaphragm when the stopped down button on the camera is pressed like all the canon fd lenses regular do, so I'm not able to use all the aperture but only the maximun f 3.5

Thank you

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