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Lens Konica Macro-Hexanon AR 55 mm f/ 3.5

Andreas Lindemann :: 01.08.2015 15:11:07

Germany, Northern Hessen
lvl. 7 (Lens-Guru)

Lens Konica Macro-Hexanon AR 55 mm f/ 3.5
Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: Konica AR

Features: Macro lens


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr.)Height (mm.)


Andreas Lindemann :: 01.08.2015 16:25:44

Germany, Northern Hessen
lvl. 7 (Lens-Guru)

At that time the Macro-Hexanon AR 55 mm / F3.5 was supplied together with the "Macro Lens Adapter AR".

This lens has some very innovative features, especially for the solution of the exposure compensation problem in macro photography - compare Images. The lens has two aperture scales offset by 180° from each other and also two separate focusing index marks also offset by 180° with matching scales for distances and magnification ratios. If the lens is mounted on the body without the Macro Lens Adapter AR, the respective scales and index marks are visible. If the lens is mounted together with the Macro Lens Adapter AR, it is automatically turned by 180° along its longitudinal axis and the respective scales for aperture values and distances, which account for the use of the extension ring, are visible.

Together with the Macro Lens Adapter AR, the effective speed of the lens is F5.2 and maximum magnification ratio is 1:1, closest focusing 222mm. Without Macro Adapter maximum magnification ratio is 1:2, closest focusing is 250mm.

Image quality with my nex-7 is outstanding: the lens renders razor-sharp and contrasty images, free from vignetting or distortions. It is not sensitive to stray light even without lens hood because its small front element is deeply recessed by almost 40mm.

Peter Duregon :: 25.12.2015 17:22:33

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)

I have recently purchased this lens on a whim, and realised when I got home that it has a slightly different AR mount to the Hexanon 57mm prime that I purchased recently also.  Where the 57mm has a flat inboard of the aperture control blade, there is a pin on the Macro.  Does anyone know what the proper designation of the mount that is on the macro is so that I can find an adaptor to E-Mount for it please?

Richard Smith :: 02.01.2016 07:25:36

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)
Regading the adapter for the macro vs the 57mm, both use the same one, despite the different appearance. I have used several brands with both, no problems.

Peter Duregon :: 02.01.2016 11:58:56

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)

Ответ для Richard Smith (02.01.2016 07:25:36):

After a bit of fiddling around with it, I got it on there.  Works a treat.  Now I just need a ring flash to make macro work a bit easier. :)

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