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Pixel peeper

Pixel peeper(plural Pixel peepers) can be used as derogatory term(usually is) to describe camera/lens performance-obsessed person/persons usually disregarding photos as faulty if not perfect at 100% magnification, without regard for composition, scene, artistic expression or anything else tat makes photograph great and optically pleasing. Wictionary gives a different explanation in direct contradiction with quotations used to show appropriate use. Some people are proud to be called pixel peeper and some call them self a pixel peeper. Harsher term or variation on theme is Pixel Nazi probably derived from Seinfeld TV show SOUP NAZI

Posted by: Radovan 13.09.2014 13:40:29

Picture Style

Picture Style is Canon's EOS digital camera built in system through which you can select the way image will be recorded. There are six predefined styles and three custom styles. Beside this built in styles there is also Picture Style editor in which you can apply different style in post processing or create your own style and upload it to camera's custom style. For all detail information and how to go here.

Source: Picture Style special syte
Posted by: Radovan 25.02.2013 13:15:13

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