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Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 Lens

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Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 lens

Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 lens

Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 lens

Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 lens

Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 lens


Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 MTF Chart

Optical design

Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2 optical design

Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Auto Focus (AF)

Lens mounts: Canon EF, EF-S

First year of production: 1990

Optical design: 7 elements in 5 groups

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Average price: $343


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)

Additional information:

The Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2  is a very compact and light fast  wide-angle lens for Canon EOS film and digital cameras.

Its market price is quite affordable, however it features a rather good performance.

With a wide angle and lens speed of 2.0 this lens allows you to take high-quality pictures in bad light conditions without a tripod or a flash.

At f/ 2.0 it is not very sharp and contrastive. From f/4 onward it is, on the contrary, sharp and contrastive.

It has a 5-blade aperture. With too high contrast, bokeh looks somewhat "dirty". As a rule, out- of-focus highlights are rather rough and look as pentagons.

At aperture settings up to f/2.8 inclusive, vignetting is visible even on APS-C sensors.

When contrast is high, there are visible chromatic aberrations.

There is a manual focus ring, but as a rule it is not very convenient to use it because of backlashes.

Color rendering is very accurate. Contrast is average.

A built-in focusing motor is rather noisy. Focusing in poor lighting conditions is often difficult.   FTM is not available.

The lens is not well resistant to back and side light.  The hood is strongly recommended.

The Canon EF 35 mm f/2.0 is fit for landscape, architecture, interior and genre photography. The f/2.0 aperture is relatively functional, but for some genres, such as portrait photography, a lack of sharpness and contrast, as well as vignetting, may become advantageous.

The lens is often used by wedding photographers and photojournalists.

It is fit for video filming on modernSLR cameras, as well.

In general, a rule of thumb states that 35 mm is one of the most popular focal lengths.

The Canon EF 35 mm f/2.0 is not bad as a kit  lens for APS-C (crop) cameras. Equivalent focal length in this case is 56 mm.

Compatible hood: EW-54II, EW-65II

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Posted by: Sergei Borodin   Date of publication: 24.08.2010

Photos taken with this lens Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2:

Autor: mysterion
4 0 1644

Autor: mysterion
1 0 1678

Autor: tho
1 0 2490

Landscape at f/16
Autor: NerveNet
1 0 888

Mechanical quality3.138
Optical quality3.508
Pricing / Value3.388
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2

NerveNet 29.06.2017 01:18:46
Period of use: 6 months


Compact, light and luminous.


Slow and noisy  focusing motor, not very sharp a f/2.

Corners not very sharp at f/4.


Nice small lens, the only drawback is its poor perfomance in far borders until you reach f/8 if used on a full frame body. I can live with a slow focusing motor but cannot stay with its poor perfomance at f/4 if you shot landscapes with it (the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 is even worse but it is also wider).

For portraiture it is fine and interesting when shooting between f/2~f/2.8, until you see the pentagonal shaped highlights.

The 35mm focal legnth is a must have for everyday shooting in my case, I do almost everything with such a focal length. As I was dissapointing with its perfomance I switched to the cheap Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.

The lens has a 52mm filter thread, so filters are cheaper, and there are other three old Canon lenses that share this filter thread (28mm f/2.8, 40mm f/2.8 STM, 50mm f/1.8 I & II, 135mm f/2.8), I had several of them so it was very easy to share polarized filters between them.

Shares also the same lenshood with the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8.

This lens has DOF marks and distance scale, I like this feature in lenses, as you can set quickly the focusing distance and know more or less the DOF you will get. Not everything needs autofocus.

Bakin 1.1.2000 00:00:01
Period of use: 3 years


Very compact.

Max aperture.


As already mentioned here - noisy.

On a full frame visibly vignettes.

Seemed too soft in the open aperture.


In my opinion - a very good lens for this money. Especially for the crop. Though using right now on the FF

tho 1.1.2000 00:00:01
Period of use: 3 months


Small, very bright, sharp on max aperture. Easy focusing for both crop and for the full-frame, low-cost.


Noise when focusing, on the apertures 2.0-2.2 noticeable chromatic. At 2.5-2.8 aberrations anymore.


Bought as a regular lens on a camera with crop sensor. The third month is not removed from the camera. If he was an ultrasonic motor - it would be all super. However, and so focuses pretty confident, but that's noisy.