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Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A Lens

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Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A lens

Optical design

Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A optical design

Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Zoom lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: Tamron Adaptall-2, Tamron Adaptall-2, Tamron Adaptall-2, Tamron Adaptall-2

First year of production: 1979

Last year of production: 1983

Optical design: 14 elements in 10 groups

Features: Soft lens
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Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)
70mm - 150mmf/2.8f/3280.9862760/26,8151.5/6

Additional information:

The Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A  is a telephoto zoom lens with constant lens speed for 35 mm SLR cameras popular in the 1970-70s (via the interchangeable Adaptall-2 mount).

By means of a special ring you can control soft-focus effects, which may be useful for portrait photography.

The lens is multicoated.

SP (Super Performance) - the lineup of Tamron best lenses. 

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Posted by: Nik_SSG   Date of publication: 16.07.2011

Photos taken with this lens Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A:

Softfocus portaits
Autor: NerveNet
5 0 1373

Autor: NerveNet
4.5 0 1209

Portrait and background blur
Autor: NerveNet
4 0 2037

Autor: NerveNet
4 0 1255

Mechanical quality5.001
Optical quality4.001
Pricing / Value4.001
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Tamron SP 70-150 mm f/ 2.8 Soft Adaptall-2 model 51A

NerveNet 05.03.2020 22:24:55
Period of use: 2 years

  • Nice telephoto focal range: 70-150mm
  • Not very big and heavy compared to Tamron's SP 80-200mm f/2.8 LD
  • Wide aperture: f/2.8
  • Easily adaptable to other mounts
  • Build all of metal
  • Well damped focus and focal rings
  • Nice bokeh
  • Clicky aperture stops, full and half stops
  • Works fine with x2 telephoto adapter for makro shots


  • A little bit soft wide open, less sharp than Tamron's SP 80-200mm f/2.8 LD
  • Soft focus effect is difficult to use
  • I preffer push/pull type lens of the era than this two ring sollutions
  • The integrated lens hood is too small in my opinnion


I used it for portraits and makro shots where I do not need to get ultrasharp pictures. You will get nice pictures wide open, but with little bit unsharp, for candid portraits it is very nice, close it one or two steps to increase contrast and sharpness.

It is a bit tricky to manage, having three rings (focal, focus, aperture) for only one hand. I prefer push-pull type lenses over this type of lens as the push-pull type is more easier and quicker to use in one hand mode.

Regarding bokeh, I like what it offers, it has straight aperture blades so you will get octagonal shaped highlights when closed two steps and further.

The softfocus effect needs some time to get used, it helps to increase the bokeh effect but it will also affect the subject being photographed. In the optical view finder you will not notice the soft effect. So used with care and take your time.

This lens has an integrated lens hood, but in my opinion it is too small/short fo this lens.

This is a rare lens, you will not see it very often on auctions, generally they cost more than Tamron's SP 80-200mm f/2.8 LD, but with patience you can get one for the right price.