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Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 Lens

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Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 lens

Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 lens

Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 lens

Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 lens

Optical design

Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 optical design

Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: C/Y (contax/yashica)

Optical design: 6 elements in 5 groups

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Average price: $103


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)

Additional information:

The Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7   is a compact normal prime lens for film  cameras with the Contax/Yashica bayonet mount.

It is based on the Planar optical scheme.

By means of adapters it can be easily used on modern SLR and mirrorles cameras.

The lens has a compact size and reliable mechanical build (only metal and glass ). Besides, as is the case with the lenses for the Contax and Carl Zeiss systems, the lens is equipped with very convenient focusing and aperture rings.  Focusing process is very easy indeed.

The aperture construction is analogous to the Carl Zeiss Planar 50 1.7 (their optical schemes are slightly different).

The Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7 forms very flexible and voluminous image at f/1.7 - f/2.8. Nevertheless as far as it is important for pictorial photography, the lens is rather sharp. And it is very sharp from f/4 onwards.

The pictures taken with this camera have a very nice "twisted" bokeh resembling homemade Gelios or German Biotar lenses.

The Yashica ML 50mm  f/ 1.7 is a very good choice as a kit non-auto focus lens for modern SLR or mirrorless cameras, or  for Yashica /Contax film cameras.

It has showed to good advantage as a portrait lens and as a lens for artistic photography.


For reference:

Both the company and the trademark Yashica   began in 1949. Now, Yashica is a part of Kyocera.

The company long manufactured  lenses for the Contax SLR system. Moreover, most lenses for Contax, branded Carl Zeiss, were also assembled  at the factories of this company, and only a minor share of them, in Germany.

As for its optical characteristics, Yashica lenses are just a bit worse than those of Carl Zeiss.

Nowadays Yashica does not manufacture lenses.

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Posted by: Sergei Borodin   Date of publication: 15.12.2010

Photos taken with this lens Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7:

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Mechanical quality4.748
Optical quality4.508
Pricing / Value5.006
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Yashica ML 50 mm f/ 1.7

Caylus 12.12.2019 19:17:02
Period of use: 35 year


Build quality, sharpness, landscape and general photography


No fancy "BoKeH" to speak of....but if that's your thing, fork out a bit more and buy the 1.4.


I have owned one of these 50mm 1,7 ML lenses for absolutely years. I forget which Yashica camera it actually came on way when when. I subsequently bought a Contax 139Q in 1980 that came with the Zeiss Planar 50 1,7. The two are often compared and with reason. In my opinion they are basically the same lens, same layout etc and some even go as far as saying both have the same glass. This I don't know, but I do know that the build quality of the ML is superior to the Planar and that for slide photography which is what I still do, there is no apparent differences in the lenses.....apart from one commands up to ten times more than the other.

Leo Koikov 12.08.2016 22:49:07
Period of use: 2 months


Color reproduction


Smooth focusing with a precise long throw

Great short-ish portraits and close-ups lens

"Poor man" Zeiss Planar for 1/5 price


My copy does not focus to infinity on Fiji X-E2 body (m.b. due to a thicker glass covering the sensor)

My copy produces a strange purplish color shift under certain light conditions


My copy has a slightly etched real glass that surprisingly does not affect the image quality. At least not dramatically

Bakin 1.1.2000 00:00:01
Period of use: 4 years

  • Compact
  • Sharp
  • Beautiful picture
  • Durable body


    Bad resists backlight


    I had this lens and Contax 1.7. All the same, in the end left a Zeiss, but this lens is also quite decent. There is a great normal lens - Yashica 50 1.4

    By the way! There is a version 1.7 by 50 Yashika mark II - is a complete analogue of the Zeiss 50 1.7. But this lens is very rare.