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Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM Lens

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Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM lens

Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM lens

Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM lens

Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM lens


Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM MTF Chart

Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM MTF Chart

Optical design

Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM optical design

Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Auto Focus (AF)

Lens mounts: Canon EF, EF-S

First year of production: 1992

Optical design: 9 elements in 7 groups

Features: Ultra-Sonic Motor
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Average price: $400


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)

Additional information:

The Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM lens features a very good price-quality relationship for Canon EOS digital and film cameras.

It is well fit for portraiture. It delivers sharp image from f/1.8 onward. It is compact and light.

Pictures taken with the Canon EF  85 mm  f/ 1.8  USM  are remarkable for its image definition,  accurate and slightly "warm" color  rendering, and color saturation.

Another "advantage "of the lens is its compact size. The Canon EF 85 mm f/1.8 USM weighs only 330 g;  it is 71.5 mm long on the camera (with two caps - 93 mm); diameter - 75 mm.

The Canon  EF 85 mm f 1.8 USM provides manual focusing. Focusing can be tweaked any time during autofocus operations with the focus ring. Focusing is internal. The front lens does not rotate, which enables the use of polarizing and gradient filters.

A 8-bade aperture provides beautiful background blurring. The aperture is not rounded, but there are no characteristic "pentagons" visible in the photos.

The aspherical lens rather effectively minimizes aberrations. The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM utilizes the Super Spectra lens coating to eliminate flare and halation.

The lens is compatible with all EOS series digital cameras.

Compatible hood: ET-65III

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Posted by: Sergei Borodin   Date of publication: 27.07.2010

Photos taken with this lens Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM:

Small plants bokeh test
Autor: Ko Jonus
5 0 936

Autor: Sergei Borodin
5 0 2735

Not only the portrait lens
Autor: dv
5 0 2383

Autor: Yuriy_G
4.2 0 3863

Mechanical quality4.3315
Optical quality4.4715
Pricing / Value4.4715
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Canon EF 85 mm f/ 1.8 USM

panoramapeople 18.12.2015 17:02:48
Period of use: 4 years


USM Autofocus, lightweight, great quality for the price


not sealed against dust, expensive sun hood not included


I recommend this lens as an add-on to a normal zoom lens, 85mm works well on both full frame and aps-c sensors. it does good on portrait photograpy and video shootings. Despite it's rather fair price it offers a great AF wich is missing on many of the competing counterparts like Zeiss or Rokinon. I rented the 85mm f1.2L but i consider the f1.8 USM lens as the better choice. EF 85mm f1.8 USM - a must have lens! 

Yuriy_G 1.1.2000 00:00:01
Period of use: 1 year


Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM - a great portrait lens. Not a bad aperture ratio, good enough detail to the max. aperture, sharpness, bokeh is beautiful. An excellent choice for the money. Lightweight and compact. I recommend!


Hood is strongly required! Otherwise, a lot of restrictions. But it's not in package, so after buying this lens i'm had puzzled of searching Chinese equivalent


An excellent choice for this money, lightweight and compact, I recommend!

Seti 1.1.2000 00:00:01
Period of use: 3 years


Light, fast AF, beautiful bokeh, sharpness


Not found


Sold the 85/1.2, and regained this lens. On the money saved bought a lot of good things =)