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Industar-23 110 mm f/ 4.5 Lens

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Industar-23 110 mm f/ 4.5 lens


Industar-23 110 mm f/ 4.5 MTF Chart

Optical design

Industar-23 110 mm f/ 4.5 optical design

Format: Medium Format rangefinder

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: Other mount

First year of production: 1946

Optical design: 4 elements / 3 groups

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Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)
110mmf/4.5f/32101.5 150/5,3

Additional information:

Industar-23 110mm f/4.5 is USSR lens from Moskva 6x9 camera (Индустар-23 on russian).

Industar-23 110mm f / 4.5 - not interchangeable lens coated optics for medium format "Moscow" (Moskva) cameras  (except for the camera Moscow 5).
The lens was mounted in the central gate "Moment 1". Equipped with iris diaphragm.
There Industar-23M interchangeable lens design for 35mm SLR cameras (accession M39x1 / 45.2). Known KMZ production facility in a special setting, labeled as "Industar-23 / A". Also it produced Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS) with an index of "U" - for medium (up to 60 × 90 mm) photographic enlargers.
The origin of the lens is not fully elucidated (according to the GOI was calculated in October 1945 - PF-180). The prototype linings Industar-23, appears to have served as three lenses Novar-Anastigmat 4,5 / 110 production Zeiss Ikon A.G., converted under the scheme four lenses Tessar.
Focal Length: 110 mm
current indicated for the type of "Moscow" cameras - (110.74 mm)
current stated for option "U" - (110.6 mm)
Relative aperture 1: 4.5
Field of view: 52 °
Frame Size: 60 mm × 90 mm
Number of elements / groups: 4/3
The front vertex focal length: -96.13 mm
Back vertex focal length: 96.2 mm
The distance from the first to the last surface: 34.45 mm
Clear aperture of the first surface: ∅24,2 mm
Light diameter of the last surface: ∅22,4 mm
Resolution (center / edge):
option for the type of "Moscow" cameras - 28/12 lines / mm (according to other sources: 28/14 or 30/16 lines / mm)
version of the "U" - 50/13 lines / mm
Light transmission coefficient:
option for the type of "Moscow" cameras - 0.78
version of the "U" - 0.8
coating type: single-layer
Short focusing range: 1.5 m
The limits of the aperture scale: option for the type of "Moscow" cameras - 1: 4,5-1: 32
version of the "U" - 1: 4,5-1: 16
Number of diaphragm blades: 10
Operating segment:
version of the "U" - 95.45 mm
Installation spacing for the type of "Moscow" cameras - 103.5 mm
Lens options "U" - M39 × 1
option for the type of "Moscow" cameras -
for screw-in nozzles: M33 × 0,5
to Wear tips: ∅36 mm
Dimensions (maximum rim diameter × length):
option for the type of "Moscow" cameras - ∅37 × 29 mm
option "U" - ∅52 × 45 mm (according to other sources: ∅52 × 43 mm or ∅52 × 40 mm)
The weight:
option for the type of "Moscow" cameras - 150 g
version of the "U" - 118 g
Year of development: 1945
Calculation: no exact data (GOI CMH - stated: NP Gvozdeva)
Design: there are no exact data, states: PD Derevyankin (CMH)
Production: serial
Years of production:
option for the camera "Moscow" type - there is no exact data
version of the "U" - 1955

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