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The Secret Guide to Sex Toys - Your Bedroom Friend! Lens

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The Secret Guide to Sex Toys - Your Bedroom Friend! lens

Format: 4/3 (Four/Thirds)

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Auto Focus (AF)

Lens mounts: Konica AR

Features: Macro lens, Mirror lens
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Additional information:

For women in particular, sex toys are a convenient way to satisfy themselves without a man. So why not? After all, many women lead the same fast life as men. They work long hours and usually don't have time to socialize outside of work hours. Why do women masturbate? You want to masturbate for the same reasons. It doesn't take much thought to find out. For both men and women, we all have the same needs and desires.

For women, the clitoris is the key. It has many stimulating nerve endings that surprise the male brain. The clitoris is much like the head of the penis, but more sensitive. It is the holy grail of female sexuality and most women know how to use it to get the most out of their intimate experiences.

Centuries ago, it was not uncommon for a woman to go to a doctor and have him masturbate her! Seriously. It was believed that women who were overly sexually active would cause themselves to fall into metabolic problems and that they should not feel sexual desire. Having sex more than once a week is not good for your health.

Surprisingly, countless doctors spend up to 50% of their work time masturbating women. What a job! Can you imagine being paid to masturbate women? I would work overtime once and for all!

Thank goodness technology has caught up with the clitoris, which allows women to get rid of their hard-on without having to attend the local GP. Vibrators and other sex toys have liberated women. In fact, these days doctors actively approve the use of sex toys to facilitate orgasms.

Some women can't be bothered with the "club" rituals and the hassle of finding a partner. As a result, they use sex toys in the same way that men use escorts. They don't think it's worth the time to find a mate, so why bother? Sex toys such as vibrators are simpler, faster and you don't have to drive home in the morning. Vibrators are always willing to leave. There is no need to wander around to get an erection. It won't make the house dirty and expect you to clean up. It won't cheat on you. You won't expect it when you're done eating. What a great device! Now women can cut their orgasms in half, while men can have one.

Plus, there's no chance of disease. You can rely on sex toys to stay faithful. You know if it has gone astray, and with whom!

When it comes to sexual desire, men and women are almost identical. Like men, some women have strong sexual desires. That doesn't mean they're slutty, just Randy! Accepting that women have sexual desires is crucial. Just like understanding that you have a sexual desire.

These are a few things that men have to do with vibrators.

This has really benefited me! "It's okay for a guy to masturbate, but it's not okay for a girl to masturbate. Some males actually think it's wrong ...... they can get off, but their lady can't?

Addiction. She will be addicted to a vibrator, which will make my dick obsolete? No need to worry about the vibrator. Adopt it as an assistant. Watch her orgasm with glee like there's no tomorrow.

Nothing can replace the sensation of another person. Unless their vibrator can hold them when they're done, a vibrator will not replace you.

The great thing about masturbation is that you can swim around in your head as much as you want without affecting anyone else. It's your "private" experience and private indulgence. When all is said and done, masturbation is a great way to relieve the stress of the day.

Posted by: stepmy   Date of publication: 23.03.2021

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