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Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 Lens

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Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 lens

Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 lens

Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 lens

Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 lens

Optical design

Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 optical design

Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4 optical design

Format: 35mm SLR

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: Nikon F (FX, DX)

Optical design: 9 elements in 7 groups

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Average price: $450


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)

Additional information:

The Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4

  • angle of view 62° for FX (44° for DX)
  • diameter 66.5/67.5 mm
  • length 62.5/62 mm
  • maximum length 74.0/74.5 mm
  • weight 415/410/400 g
  • max. magnification 1:5.5
  • Close Range Correction (CRC)
  • NH-3 compatible hood
  • angle of focusing ring rotation 180° (105° - only Ai-S)

The Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4   is an ultra fast wide-angle lens with manual focusing for 35 mm Nikon F SLR cameras. It is the most expensive Ai-S prime lens ($ 1,165)

There were several 35/1.4 modifications with the same optical scheme -  9 elements in 7 groups:

  1. C - since May, 1970 to January, 1976 (first photo) SN 350001-377067
  2. K - since December, 1975 to 1977 (fifth photo) SN 385001-389434
  3. Ai -  since 1977 to November, 1981  (third photo) SN 400001-416628
  4. Ai-S - since December, 1981 (second photo)  SN 430001-507336 and 600001-609965 since 2006

There were three C modifications. There also existed a very rare modification, manufacturedto the order of NASA.

Features of construction:

  • Non-Ai lenses were equipped with 7- and 9-blade apertures.
  • Ai lenses had a 7-blade aperture.
  • Ai-S lenses had a 9-blade aperture.
  • Ai-S and Ai lenses had the minimum aperture of f/16, the rest - f/22.
  • The weight of Ai-S and Ai lenses - 400 g, K - 410 g, NC - 415 g.
  • Angle of focusing ring rotation: Ai-S - 105°, the rest - 180°.
  • Diameter: NC -66.5 mm, the rest - 67.5 mm.
  • Maximum focal length at minimum focusing distance: Ai-S and Ai - 74 mm, the rest - 74.5 mm.

Common features:

  • С (1971) - all elements are multicoated with three-color reflections. Early 35/1.4 and 28/2 lenses may have no C index.
  • К (1974) - a new type, outwardly resembling Ai lenses, but functioning as previous types. It has a rubberized focus ring, but with finer texture than that of Ai lenses. It has no ADR scale on the aperture ring, no second diaphragm designation in the rear part of the lens, no aperture scale. The reason of such labeling of the type has not been revealed.
  • Ai  lenses (1977)  feature   auto indexing on the aperture ring to transmit information to the camera. The aperture ring with the second ADR (Aperture Direct Readout) scale is visible in the viewfinder of Ai cameras. The prongs have cut-outs in them to help illuminate the f/stop markings for ADR. There is a coupling ridge on bottom of aperture ring. PC and reflex lenses have no automatic indexing, but are  labeled with the Ai index to designate the lens body type.
  • Ai-S (1981) - Ai lenses with shutter-preferred mode (S for Shutter). AI-S lens' minimum aperture is marked in orange on the aperture and ADR scales. It features the linear aperture control by means of the lever for a more accurate exposure adjustment in shutter- and program-preferred modes. There is a half-round cutout in the mount to identify Ai-S lenses.

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Posted by: dv   Date of publication: 29.04.2011

Photos taken with this lens Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4:

Portrait on the crop
Autor: fiy94yan
5 0 3240

Autor: fiy94yan
5 0 2213

Autor: LucisPictor
4.8 0 1285

Bokeh test
Autor: fiy94yan
4.5 0 2622

Mechanical quality4.899
Optical quality4.119
Pricing / Value3.559
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Nikon Nikkor 35 mm f/ 1.4

Felipe Saldanha 14.07.2016 18:50:02
Period of use: 1 year

Sharp from f / 1.4
wonderful photos dreamily .
bokeh is a little nervous I love


The contrast and veiling and Very blurry in corners at f / 1.4


A very fast lens,
sharp and with a whole personality,
you either love or you hate.
I made a hood for metal it was better than the original and protects more the lens
I Love!!