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Features Of Mercerized Velvet Fabric

Mercerized velvet fabric is also a common fabric for consumers. Let's take a look at the classification and advantages and disadvantages of mercerized cotton fabrics.

Advantages and disadvantages of mercerized velvet fabric:

1. The shape of the mercerized velvet fabric is quite special. If you carefully observe the mercerized velvet fabric, it will appear in the shape of a wafer cake, giving people a more three-dimensional feeling.

2. The mercerized velvet fabric is not washable, and the shape of the clothes is easy to change after several washings.

3. The mercerized velvet fabric will have a slight velvet feel, but it cannot be observed with our naked eyes.

4. The color of mercerized velvet fabric is relatively full, which will give people a more elegant feeling.

The difference between golden velvet and mercerized velvet

First of all, in terms of usage, golden velvet is mostly used to make sportswear such as school uniforms and sportswear; while mercerized velvet is mostly used to make women's tops or make decorations to modify the corners of clothes.

Secondly, from the appearance point of view, the golden velvet fabric is relatively straight and has better air permeability. Mercerized velvet is relatively soft and mild, with a slightly velvet feel.

Finally, mercerized velvet is easy to deform after washing; golden velvet fabric has better wrinkle resistance, and it will not easily deform after repeated washing.

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