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Special Paper And Laminates Manufacturers Introduces The Details Of The Use Of Slitter Upgrades

Special Paper And Laminates Manufacturers introduces the specific steps of upgrading the slitter:

1) Firstly, conduct feasibility analysis on the renovation project and determine the plan. According to the actual use status of the slitting equipment, comprehensively judge the mechanical wear and the aging of the electrical components to decide whether to upgrade the existing system or replace the new electrical system and mechanical components. The transformation plan must consider meeting the use needs for a long time in the future , The software design reserves as many parameter options as possible, so that the operator can adjust the parameters flexibly to meet the cutting needs of different materials. For the selection of component brands, precision, etc., it is necessary to seek a balance in terms of performance, practicability, reliability, and economy. The scheme tries to abandon flashy functions, adapt to the development status of the slitting machine manufacturers, and transform the slitting machine into customized special equipment based on the diversity of slitting materials.

2) Preparations before the transformation of the slitting machine. Complete the surveying, design, processing and production of mechanical parts. The design work of the new electrical system and the old and new conversion interface, including the interface design of the operation panel and human-computer interaction touch screen, needs to comprehensively consider parameter measurement, digital-to-analog conversion, performance matching and maintenance convenience. Reasonably arrange the procurement of components and implement them to the responsible person, so as to avoid delays in the transformation cycle due to delayed delivery by suppliers. Workpieces processed by outsourcing should be checked and accepted one by one according to the tolerances of the drawings, so as to prevent rework or scrapping during the installation process, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Before assembly, the commissioning specifications and inspection standards of the electrical system should be formulated as the basis for commissioning and acceptance of the electrical system.

3) Upgrade the old slitting equipment. First of all, the electrical part reserved on the customer's site should be debugged to ensure that it is in the best working condition. Then remove the system that needs to be replaced according to the drawings, and pay attention to marking the interfaces and connection points of the new and old conversions, so as not to miss or over-remove them. Strictly arrange the wiring and installation of the new operating system in strict accordance with the schematic diagram of the circuit. The thickness and specifications of the wire diameter meet the process requirements. The fixed position of the box should consider the direction of the circuit and appropriately relax the margin. Before the commissioning of the slitting machine, the no-load test can be carried out on the motor, proximity switch and other components in advance, and the loading commissioning can be carried out after the action meets the requirements. The commissioning personnel should make good process records, and make timely corrections to the problems that arise until the slitting equipment is in normal operation and the control function and accuracy meet the expected transformation goals, and the transformation effect will be retained through quantified data to provide reference for further upgrades in the future in accordance with.

Through the above introduction, Packaging Material Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

Posted by: dahuaslitter 03.01.2023 11:51:42

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