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Various articles about lenses and photographic gear. Here you will also find various help articles created to help simplify your ability to use this site to its maximum potential. If you would like to add an article, please log in first.

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Author: realdolls 22.07.2020 06:08:00

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Author: realdolls 21.07.2020 09:19:24

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Author: realdolls 07.07.2020 06:51:37

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Author: realdolls 16.06.2020 09:08:54

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In Speziellen Bordellen Warten Silikonpuppen auf Kunden

Die VENUS Berlin hat letzten Sonntag ihre
Pforten geschlossen und erneut fast

Author: realdolls 14.05.2020 05:37:48

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Sexpuppen Wurden Nicht Ausschließlich Als Produkte für Frauen Etabliert

Die meisten Kunden, die wegen der Sexpuppen

Author: realdolls 06.05.2020 05:18:26

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Hacking the Lens (or to hack or not to hack)

The purpose of this article is to make you rethink your decision to hack, buy and modify a lens without proper research and making informed decisions.

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to discourage you in your decision to use some old glass on a modern camera. I'm all for it and there's some old and some extremely old glass that really deserve to to be used on modern digital systems.

Author: Radovan 09.09.2013 02:19:57

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