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jnaberle 11.08.2017 22:03:35
User review for lens: Minolta AF 28 mm  f/ 2.8

Period of use: 2 years


- great bokeh

- low wight

- great mechanic


- plastic body


Perfect, lens for city and landscape photography, but also usefúll for makrophotography. Great lens. One of my favorits.

jnaberle 11.08.2017 21:58:45
User review for lens: Sony DT 18-55 mm  f/ 3.5-5.6 SAM

Period of use: 3 years


- Light Lens

- Onw Autofokusmotor

- Good quality


- bad at low light

- standart lens


It is an good lens to start photography, but if you want to take better photos you need an other lens.

NerveNet 05.08.2017 18:05:11
User review for lens: Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

Period of use: 1 year


Simple softfocus effect for your current 50mm Swap Optic lens


Feels cheap


This is a set of three aperture disks for current Lensbaby Plastic, Glass and Double Glass lenses from the swap optic system.


You handle them just as normal aperture disks, each of them with a different aperture and soft effect.

Current swap optic lenses are already "soft", but these aperture disks will enhance the effect.

Personally I prefer real lenses with softfocus effect like Tamron's SP 70-150mm f/2.8 SOFT or the Canon EF 135mm f/2.8 Sfotfocus, such lenses give better control and have the right focal length for portraiture on 35mm (full frame) cameras.

Ferenc Boloni 27.07.2017 01:47:46
User review for lens: Vivitar 200 mm f/ 3.5 (Kino)

Period of use: 2 days


Really one of the sharpest manual telephoto lens .


Yes is one weakness minimal focus distance is from about 3 meters :))


At the price of 30$ is a lens for a long time for have it :)

Christoph Pfeilstucker 22.07.2017 14:45:59
User review for lens: Helios 44M-4 58 mm f/ 2 MC

Period of use: 1 month


Build quality, Bokeh, Ease of use, quite sharp




This lens is a blast to use, probably one of my favorite lens ever and I own or owned a huge amount of glass. Despite to popular believe, this lens is not only nice for bokeh but is also acceptably sharp wide open, certainly soft in the corner but center is pretty good.

Richard Wright 17.07.2017 04:34:03
User review for lens: Helios-103 53 mm f/ 1.8

Period of use: 1 year


Sharpness even wide open; Bokeh which may be subjective but I love from this lens once you learn it.


Adapters are a problem.  The lens may unscrew and fall out of the hellicoid as you focus closely.  I built my own adapter which solved that problem.


A truely fantastic little lightweight lens that really delivers.  If I could only have one lens for less then $100 it would be this one for sure.  It is so sharp that you will need to pay hundreds of dollars just to match this lens.  Buy one if you see it - and they are cheap. 

tightcamera 03.07.2017 20:59:07
User review for lens: Rikenon 135 mm f/ 2.8 Auto

Period of use: 2 months


Moderately fast telephoto with really good bokeh at very low price point. Build quality is very good; focusing movement is very smooth and with a lot of play to allow for precise focus point. 8-blade aperture provides nearly round bokeh at f/4. 


Not multicoated. There is a fair bit of purple fringing and chromatic aberration. In some lighting conditions, there is a haze in the final images that takes away from the sharpness and color rendition. M42 mount will require an adapter for modern cameras. Nikon adater with glass element magnifies the fringing and aberration to a point where the lens is not useful. Works okay on Canon EF. 


For a cheap lens, this thing delivers. It's not as sharp as a new Canon L lens, and the color rendition isn't all that accurate. But for the money, it's a nice option to have for a unique portraiture lens. Overall, a great value at around $35USD. 

NerveNet 03.07.2017 01:25:16
User review for lens: Lensbaby Scout 12 mm Fisheye

Period of use: 1 year


12mm fisheye effect, small, compact, lightweight, perfect round aperture blades...


Awfull aperture system.


Nice lens but with an awfull aperture system using aperture disks. Centersharpness is fine with the traditional Lensbaby efect in borders and cornes, using smaller apertures gives sharper images increasing the size of the sharp center area.

Scout if fully compatible with Lensbaby swao system, so you can use it with other Lensbaby lenses that are compatible with the swap system like the Double Glass, Pinhole, Sweet 35mm, etc.

NerveNet 29.06.2017 01:18:46
User review for lens: Canon EF 35 mm  f/ 2

Period of use: 6 months


Compact, light and luminous.


Slow and noisy  focusing motor, not very sharp a f/2.

Corners not very sharp at f/4.


Nice small lens, the only drawback is its poor perfomance in far borders until you reach f/8 if used on a full frame body. I can live with a slow focusing motor but cannot stay with its poor perfomance at f/4 if you shot landscapes with it (the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 is even worse but it is also wider).

For portraiture it is fine and interesting when shooting between f/2~f/2.8, until you see the pentagonal shaped highlights.

The 35mm focal legnth is a must have for everyday shooting in my case, I do almost everything with such a focal length. As I was dissapointing with its perfomance I switched to the cheap Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.

The lens has a 52mm filter thread, so filters are cheaper, and there are other three old Canon lenses that share this filter thread (28mm f/2.8, 40mm f/2.8 STM, 50mm f/1.8 I & II, 135mm f/2.8), I had several of them so it was very easy to share polarized filters between them.

Shares also the same lenshood with the Canon EF 28mm f/2.8.

This lens has DOF marks and distance scale, I like this feature in lenses, as you can set quickly the focusing distance and know more or less the DOF you will get. Not everything needs autofocus.

NerveNet 27.06.2017 02:41:08
User review for lens: Canon EF 135 mm f/ 2.8 SoftFocus

Period of use: 4 years


Compact design, lightweight, f/2.8 aperture, 52mm filter thread, distance scale.

Front element doesn't rotates or extends during AF.

Softfocus feature.

Nice bokeh.


Not very sharp at f/2.8.

Strong vignetting at f/2.8.

Slow and noisy autofocus motor.

1.3 meter minimum focusing distance.


If you expect to get ultrsharp pictures then this lens is not for you, I use mine mainly for portraits and from time to time I play with the softofocus effect. I have better lenses but nothing beats its small weight and size.

Wide open this lens is not as sharp as the Canon 135mm f/2L USM, but it is enough for my Canon EOS 5D. Borders are also not as sharp as on the L version, but as I use it mainly for portraits where the interesting things are not in the borders, this is not an issue.

If you also want to use this lens for indoor sports, keep in mind that its focus motor is slow compared to USM, so in Ai-Servo mode you may loose some fotos due to lack of focus of fast moving objetct. The L versión does this job much better with is precise, fast and silent USM motor.

Regarding soft focus effect. You may like it or hate it, but remember that sometimes sharpness is not so important.

NerveNet 26.06.2017 01:42:33
User review for lens: Tamron SP 80-200 mm f/ 2.8 LD Adaptall-2 model 30A

Period of use: 2 years


Sharp wide open.

Fast constant f/2.8 aperture across the focal range.

One handed focus/focal operation.

Not expensive (250 euros mine).


Weight (1.3Kg), monopod and tripod ring recommended.

Some cromatic aberrations.

Front element rotates during focusing.

Difficult to find.


This lens is build like a tank, all made of metal, it weights 1.3Kg. I recommend to use a tripod or monopod with the proper tripod ring.

I like this lens a lot, I use it mainly for indoor sports like gimnastics where f/2.8 is a must have when your camera cannot use ISO 3200 and over.

Having an unique focus/focal ring dessign makes this lens very well suited for sports ussage in one handed operation, actual designs with two rings are a mess when used manually as you need two hands in order to move quickly the focal and focus rings.

Optically this lens is incredible for its age, it cannot compete against current Canon "L" lenses that cover the same focal range, but works very well, has good contrast and sharpnes starting wide open. If Tamron had put another LD glass inside this beast...

I also used this lens with Tamrons Adaptall teleconverters:

With the x1.4 (model 140F)  you will get very good results and only will loose 1 stop.

With the x2 teleconverter the results are not good in my opinion as the chromatic aberrations are also augmented, you can close one stop or two, but the aberrations are still present.

The biggest mess is its weight.

But you know, if you want to get good pictures... weight is a secondary factor.

NerveNet 26.06.2017 01:09:14
User review for lens: Sigma AF 18-50 mm f/ 2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM

Period of use: 1 year


Half stop wider than Canon's kit lens.

HSM silent and fast motor.

Optical stabilisation.



Mine showed a yellow cast in some prictures in certain situations.


I used this lens as a natural upgrade from my Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC lens.

I gained half a stop, it is also a sharper lens than the previous Sigma I mention.

Then, in some pictures a yellow cast in colors could be seen in indoor pictures. I did some other test and finally sold the lens and moved to another lens.

This lens is very affordable.

NerveNet 26.06.2017 00:13:48
User review for lens: Canon EF 40 mm f/ 2.8 STM

Period of use: 4 years


Very sharp lens wide open, sharper than the old Canon EF 35mm f/2 (when using the same aperture).

Very compact, very light, very small.

Full time manual focus availlable all time (meanwhile it is powered).

Quiet focus motor.


No DOF scale, no distance scale.

Focus by whire.

Expensive lens hood.

No weather seal.

Slow STM focus motor.


This small lens is very sharp, I'm very happy using it on my full frame camera.

Previously I used a Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens, but this 40mm lens is more sharper, smaller and lighter.

One drawnback for me is the lack of a proper distance and DOF scale, from time to time I like to use a hiperfocal distance in order to shot without focusing, without a proper scale this is a mess.

Another thing I do not like about this lens is the focus by whire, if you focus manually there is a lag between your movement and the movement of the motor. In any case the focus is accurate and smooth.

If do not need a more wider aperture this lens is a bargain for full frame camera users.

NerveNet 26.06.2017 00:01:56
User review for lens: Samyang 85 mm f/ 1.4 Aspherical IF

Period of use: 1 year


Smooth bokeh, smooth focus ring.

Very fast lens (f/1.4).

Very affordable for portraiture (for example).


Missing focus chip, aperture is handled manually.

All made of plastic, feels cheap in hand.

A bit soft wide open.


A nice cheap 85mm fast prime lense.

I use it mainly for portraits, but I tried to use it in sports and landscape photography.

Wide open, the lens has a very nice and smooth bokeh, but lacks a bit of contrast and sharpness in center, closing it two stops (f/2.8) helps to improve center sharpness.

As the DOF is very thin at f/1.4 I recommend to use lifeview or having installed a high precission focusing screen in the camera, or you will missfocus a lot of photos.

If you cannot get a prime with autofocus this is a nice option.

NerveNet 25.06.2017 13:08:15
User review for lens: Lensbaby Double Glass Optic

Period of use: 4 years


Creativity, tilt function and the lensbaby blur effect.

Nice f/2 aperture.


Very difficult to use, difficult to focus manually, you need to experiment a lot.

Weird aperture system using small disks.

Missing lens hood, you need to buy it appart.


This lens is made as a toy, it isn't sharp anyway. The aperture system is crap.

Focusing using Lensbabay composer is unaccurate, and there is no focus confirmation available, in my case using a high precise focusing screen helped a lot on mi 5D, but using the standard focus screen is dissapointing.

Regarding the tilt efect, as the lens isn't sharp you will not see the tilt effect as most of the frame will by blurred out. The tilt effect lets you move the sharp focus area all around the frame.

Anyway, the lensbaby effect is very cool, so the fun is to play waltking around and see what happens...

NerveNet 24.06.2017 05:58:04
User review for lens: Canon EF 50 mm  f/ 1.8

Period of use: 2 years


Low price. Great optical value for the price.

Small & low weight.

When stopped down to f/2.8 it is sharp in the center, stopped down to f/5.6 increases sharpness accross the frame.

52mm filter thread, 52mm filter are cheap and very easy to find.


Mark II is all made of plastic, feels cheap in hand.

Wide open it has low contrast so not very sharp, but still usable for portaiture.

Five straight aperture blades show up pentagrams hightlights when stopped down.

No full time manual focus, focus ring is made of plastic (no rubber) not very accurate.

Suffers from focus hunting in low light condition and/or when there is not enough contrast on the subject in order to focus in automatic.

Slow and noisy focus motor.

No DOF nor distance marks on the mark II version.


Nice lens for the price, this lens is also known as Plastic Fantastic in Spain.

Used on an APS-C camera it is a nice, cheap, light lens, very affordable for beginners.

On a full frame camera it is a very usable normal lens.

If you like the mark II lens take a look on the first version with metal bayonet, DOF and distance scale and better placed focus ring.

vyoufinder 17.06.2017 23:26:49
User review for lens: Rollei HFT Distagon 35 mm f/ 2.8

Period of use: 60 months


BOKEH.  Best bokeh in 35mm focal length lens I know of.  Bokeh supreme.  Sharpness compares to any of my 35mm lenses, fine contrast exceptional and possibly the best I know in 35mm.  No vignetting that I can see.


Zeiss logo / name has reputation I prefer to avoid.


If I could find a lens that compares to this and focuses the Pentax/Nikon direction, I would ditch this lens but there is nothing comparable after testing all the best lenses against this one.

Ferenc Boloni 10.06.2017 10:28:44
User review for lens: Sony FE 70-300 mm f/ 4.5-5.6 G OSS

Period of use: 2 months


Nice build quality , weather sealed , image stabilized . Strange with my old A6000 with A+ settings works the best .


My personal opinion this lens sharpness is a shame for this new generation of G lens . Sometimes slow focus .

Is acceptable for good light conditions photography ...for sport just if you set in camera settings  for this kind of photography .


This lens is not quite a G lens is more something FE 70-300 kit lens .

tightcamera 03.06.2017 03:41:02
User review for lens: Canon EF  50 mm  f/ 1.4  USM

Period of use: 2 years


Quite possibly the cheapest OEM prime f/1.4 autofocus lens available in any focal length across all current brands. It's fast! The focusing speed/accuracy is pretty good, as is build quality. 

There are 8 blades in the aperture, leading to some seriously smooth bokeh, especially at f/2.8 - f/4. See below for wide-open bokeh notes. 

It's fairly light without feeling cheap or flimsy. It's also somewhat small dimensionally, making it a great grab-and-go lens for a full-frame body. 

Picture quality is quite good, although most copies are not the sharpest 50mm you can get. In fact, the Canon 50mm f/1.8 is often sharper (in the center). 

But, the low-light capabilities of this lens more than make up for its minor shortcomigs.


This is one of Canon's oldest lenses in the current lineup. The USM technology in this lens is quiet and fairly quick, but nowhere near as fast or accurate as the current USM ring focusing system.

Build quality is good, but not as robust as the current crop of USM / IS lenses. 

Some may not like the whirly bokeh this lens displays at f/1.4. It's sort of Petzval-like, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the user and application. If you want to use this as a cheap short lens for traditional portraiture, you might be disappointed that you can't get "plain" bokeh artifacts wide open. It starts looking normal around f/2.8.


I learned to shoot with an old Nikon FE and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 (AIS). So using this lens feels like coming home. The angle of view is close to "normal" human eye perspective on a full-frame body, and it's ideal for when you can only take one lens but you aren't sure what the lighting conditions will be. It's fast enough to shoot indoors without a flash and still produce reasonably sharp photos. More extensive review by me is here:

tightcamera 01.06.2017 17:47:45
User review for lens: MC Zenitar 50 mm f/ 2

Period of use: 1 year


Sharp in the center even wide open. Very nice bokeh effects. M42 version can be used on many different cameras with the proper adapter. Image quality far exceeds price, making it a great value. Color rendition and contrast are good. 


The biggest weakness is overall quality control on manufacturing. These lenses tend to vary from copy to copy on build quality. For example, my copy has aperture blades that are put together such that they form an oblong hexagon, rather than symmetric. This affects the shape of the bokeh artifacts. 


Overall, this is a remarkably nice lens for a small sum of money. Bang : Buck ratio is very favorable. I highly recommend picking one up. 

I use my copy primarly on a Canon 6D, but also a Canon t5i.  I have posted a longer review with additional photos here:

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