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Various articles about lenses and photographic gear. Here you will also find various help articles created to help simplify your ability to use this site to its maximum potential. If you would like to add an article, please log in first.

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Precautions when driving a CNG car

Ten things you must pay attention to when
driving a CNG vehicle.

Author: lineng 01.04.2021 05:16:04

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What policies can we adopt to develop natural gas vehicles?

Italy built the world's first CNG
refueling station in 1931 and refitted the
world's first batch of CNG vehicles. Since
then, the number of natural gas cars has
been ranked first in the world for 66

Author: lineng 18.03.2021 05:34:39

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Considering a CNG conversion for your vehicle

Introduce the steps of the vehicle to a
Bi-Fuel system with a CNG Conversion Kits,
hoping it can help you.

Author: lineng 22.01.2021 05:58:25

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Using Large Format Lenses on DSLR camera

For a begin try to answer the question and actually what is it all about?

After all, now full of lenses for standard 36mm, the quality is much better. I agree, lenses designed for this format have better sharpness, size, weight and ergonomics. Using a large format lenses on digitall cameras interesting primarily out of curiosity.

Author: Ivan 07.09.2015 14:33:37

24359 0

Hacking the Lens (or to hack or not to hack)

The purpose of this article is to make you rethink your decision to hack, buy and modify a lens without proper research and making informed decisions.

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to discourage you in your decision to use some old glass on a modern camera. I'm all for it and there's some old and some extremely old glass that really deserve to to be used on modern digital systems.

Author: Radovan 09.09.2013 02:19:57

19538 0

Backfocus calibration tools

Accidental comparison between Datacolor SpyderLensCal and Peleng8 printable calibration sheet

Today I went to local Sigma dealership to buy me another Sigma lens.

Author: Radovan 28.02.2013 02:57:29

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How to Use Fish-eye Lens Efficiently or What Should You Know About Fish-eye Lens

The dream of almost every beginner photographer is a Fish-eye lens. I do not know way. But taking a good picture with fish-eye is not so easy task. Here are several tips and tricks for Fish-eye lens photo.

Author: YuriS 16.01.2013 21:44:07

14504 0

Lens Aberrations in Photography: Good or Bad?

Anyway, let’s get back to trying to answer the main question here: when are aberrations welcome, and when should they be avoided?

Author: Sergei Borodin 24.05.2011 09:20:47

8961 0

What are Lens Aberrations?

Introduction to Aberration Theory and typical lens aberrations.

Author: Sergei Borodin 20.05.2011 20:56:20

14236 1

What is a Portrait Lens?

This article covers the main characteristics and features of portrait lenses for 35mm SLR cameras.

Author: Sergei Borodin 21.12.2012 09:43:42

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