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You can buy special lens Monocle for the price 80 $

don\'t use laser pointer point camera

Type: Monocle
Format: 4/3 (Four/Thirds)
Mount: Canon EF, EF-S
Price: $80
Seller: laserqqr
Reputation:0 (0/~0/0)
Place: New York
Shipping: Can be sent to other countries
Amount: 0
Time left:-1005692 минута
Views: 592
Item bought

Item description

You can move away from the blue laser pointer presenter away from the pointer (for example, you can play cat and dog).Lighting in dark places can be direct (not only in outdoor scenes, the sun goes down by sunset, but also in various dark places, such as concert halls, cinemas and planetarium).Non-contact description (PPT screen, fine arts and precision parts instructions will also be specific.)You can also point to dangerous places. It can indicate things that are not directly touched by hand or pencil, such as very hot/cold or rotating things.Even at level 1, level 1, level 2, level 2 eyes are caught with eye catching or looking safeLevel 3 R is a dangerous level if the mirror is reflected or reflected directlyClass 3, 3R is better than 3RLevel 4 hazards are not only directly viewed, but scattered light is also dangerousThe world's most powerful laser pointer is unstoppable in the 5000mw market.

Waterproof blue, light scattering less blue high power laser pen with entertainment, ignition match, astronomical observation, education, command direction, construction, rescue and demonstration power! Thanks for your science fiction dream come true this time. I think I made a good shopping. A blue laser beam shines in the night sky, paying attention! In any case, the astonishing output is surprising! Thank you very much. It's a super compact and stainless steel body with a very simple beauty. Strong, easy to see and unusual blue. Import LD and spare parts, use time to increase, more than 8000 hours light match and firecracker, blow up light balloon. Night visibility is over 10,000 meters. Heat can be concentrated immediately. Amazing range of exposure, from a tight body can't think! This high power laser pointer 3000mw is very powerful and can easily cut vinyl tape on matches. High power laser light and eye diseases: expert in opinion.The risk of exposure to the sun's eyes is a common occurrence, filtered through a total solar eclipse, not to mention direct to the sun
Never. The light of the laser light is the continuous light of a certain wavelength, and when it enters the eye, it will be very sharp in the retina, thus,It's even more dangerous to stimulate the eyes of the sun with up to 100 times the amount of sunlight.

Laser Pointer 450nm

Only the domestic "we can sell" weak things can be used to demonstrate. It is hard to see whether it is dark and striking before it is 20 meters long. Besides, maybe the crow should be surprised and not hurt. So, the 100MW green laser pen type range is not too far away, and the ravens have nothing to do with naxi!

The laser pointer for cats is attached to the telescope to disinfect the crow.

I hit the red light into the crow's eye. The peeping image is east wind, etc.

With the telescope on, we aim for precision.

A cat dreams when it sleeps.
The dream
Mainly practice hunting or practice running away.

So the suggested hunting side (how to play tricks)
You lose your habit of interest and study.

Because I'm tired of this stuff,
So I
I think it's good because it's used to it.

It seems to be a "hunting toy victory".

· yellow and blue are easy to identify
· red and green are difficult to identify

If you try to use recognizable colors (such as yellow or blue), the color of the toy
It could change the reaction.

In addition, if there is a shiny material, there is
Make it more recognizable, so if there is a material
Some bubbling elements
The response may be better.

burning laser pointer is a must-have item in the field. There are various methods of use, such as sending emergency signals. Have you ever had an accident while working outdoors? Outdoors, you will put yourself in the natural environment, are likely to lose over the mountain, the wind and rain, snow, etc of these mountains, snow is caused by unexpected weather blizzard, rain, lightning and gusty caused by severe natural disasters. I'll do the laser at a little bit of an outdoor pointer that will tell you how to use it. Laser pointer dealer.


laser pointer



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