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Why do you need a wifi siganl jammer?

jammershopers :: 29.08.2022 08:53:57

lvl. 1 (Lens-Learner)

A jammer is an electromagnetic noise-generating device that can take over a frequency to suppress, disrupt, spoof, or simply mask the electromagnetic signals communicating on it. There are different jammers and jamming techniques for different devices and signals; for example, to suppress communication on a wifi network, you can choose from a large number of available wifi jammers. There are many reasons why you might find yourself wanting to use a wifi jammer to make noise, and they all boil down to one; establishing control over communications and making sure only certain types of communications are enabled. Today, a wide variety of devices are using Wifi to communicate.

Not all wifi jammers are good wifi signal blockers
So why would anyone want to interfere with a wifi network? Well, first of all, not all communication is good. Whether it's the wrong place or the wrong time, someone might feel like they really want to enable digital communications right now. Examples might include a quiet car on a train, a security meeting discussing confidential information, or a school trying to prevent classroom distraction.

Wifi signal jammer isn't just for convenience, it also has tactical uses. Because a lot of sensitive data is stored digitally, it can be stolen (or borrowed) over a wifi network without being detected. By interfering with the wifi signal in the area, data owners can ensure that no one is accessing it after hours. For the same reason, a security system that might protect sensitive information might rely on wifi communication to sound an alert if anything goes wrong, so someone with malicious intent might want to interfere with that alert. In an extreme case, an explosion expert dedicated to detonating bombs might like it if the means of remote detonation were prevented.

Therefore, the purpose of the wifi jammer may also determine the method of jamming. In some cases you may just want to create maximum noise to prevent anything from being transmitted. In other cases, the interference may be more subtle and targeted and thus go undetected. But no matter how much distracting noise you like, the goal is always to protect your private information.

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