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Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 Lens

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Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 lens

Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 lens

Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 lens

Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 lens


Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 MTF Chart

Optical design

Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 optical design

Format: 35mm rangefinder

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: Contax I-III (CRM), M39 Leica screw-mount (LSM)

First year of production: 1948

Optical design: 6 elements in 3 groups. Analog Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1:2/5 cm

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Average price: $166


Focal lengthMax. apertureMin. apertureBladesMin. Focus (m.)Filter Ø (mm.)Weight (gr/oz)Length (mm/in)

Additional information:

The Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2 (Russian: "Юпитер") is a fast standard  prime lens with a single-layer chemical coating for cameras with the m39 Leica Screw Mount (LSM) and the Contax I-III system (CRM).

It was also produced in a bayonet variant for Kiev rangefinder cameras.

  • Real focal length: 52 mm.
  • Resolution (0 mm/10 mm/20 mm)
  • Resolution according to the technical specifications (centre/edge):30/14 lines/mm
  • Coefficient of transparency: 0.81
  • Geometric vignetting: 56%

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Posted by: SharkDD   Date of publication: 19.03.2011

Photos taken with this lens Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2:

Autumn again
Autor: SharkDD
4.33 0 1450

Boat on the water at sunset
Autor: Aravier Batiz
4.25 0 1887

Autor: takkub21
4.2 0 2124

Pool 1
Autor: bkmz
3.75 0 6187

Mechanical quality4.2827
Optical quality4.1327
Pricing / Value4.4926
Overall lens rating

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Owner reviews: Jupiter-8 50 mm f/ 2

AdisX 03.09.2021 23:11:41
Period of use: 2 years


Small lens and compact m39 mount adapter.
Nice rendition, good contrast and sharpness. 
Round interesting bokeh. 


Sometimes flares

Mechanical wores


Aravier Batiz 18.12.2020 00:09:18
Period of use: 2 years


Extremely Sharp when stepped down, light in weight, very small compact built compared to other 50mm lenses, With the use of the Leica M39 adapter makes for a ver compact option for the Sony A7III, it has a good dynamic range, the color rendition is amazing, the black and white renditions are rich and with a wide range of tones of grays, it is cheaper compared to its original cousin formula Carl Zeiss Sonnar, the breathing is acceptable and it does produce a very emotional look, with a magic 3D pop and smooth blur in non focused areas


When shot towards a light source looses a lot of contrast real fast as the source is stronger but it has cool star gosts when stepped down and the flares and glares are pleasing and good looking when they apear. When fully open only the very center of the image is sharp, and it suffers from a glow, the rest of the image will have that glow all over softness and chromatic aberration. It also suffers from a little radial distortion easily corrected in post. 


Love this tiny lens it has a lot of character, people ask constantly what kind of lens is it because of the shinny silver look it is powerful and compact, with a maximum aperture of f/2 it is a balanced lens but not as fast as a f/1.4 or f/1.2 though it will give an awesome 3D pop and cool separation with a soft creamy delicate bokeh.

takkub21 01.12.2018 09:39:38
Period of use: 3 months


- very good black and white noir tone

- little sweet color low contrast


- cloud 

- when direct to light some detail is missing.


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